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Main Street Interventions Inc  

100 N Main St. – Dickson TN 37055 - Phone (615) 740-7100 - Fax (615) 740-6959                                                        

                                                                    In addition to Dickson, services are also available in Cheatham, Davidson, and surrounding Counties

Program Menu 

State Licensed & Certified A&D outpatient, Domestic Violence, DUI School & Mental Health Facility

(  ) ASSESSMENTS:  Anger, Domestic Violence, Drug & Alcohol,  Parenting, Clinical or Mental Health Evaluation

(  ) COUNSELING BY MASTER’S LEVEL THERAPIST: Specializing in Counseling by Master's Level Therapists available to work with Adults, Children, Couples, Families, Juvenile, Dual Diagnosis, Pre-marital, Divorcing Parents, Non-Offending Parents, Trauma, Grief, Rape/Sexual Abuse, Addictions, PTSD etc.

State Certified BIP Programs  - All deal with power, control, and the dynamics of healthy relationships.  

(  ) 24 STEP MALE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE “Bringing Peace to Relationships” For male perpetrators of domestic violence.

(  ) 20 STEP FEMALE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE “VISTA” This program is designed for female perpetrators of domestic violence

(  ) 7 WEEK DYNAMICS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE “C.A.R.E.S” for victims of domestic violence

State Licensed A&D Services  - All vary in intensity levels & deal with all stages of addiction & recovery.

(  ) 6 HOUR A&D EDUCATION  Juvenile “Prime for Life” Research based educational presentation.

(  ) 12 HOUR DUI SCHOOL “Prime for Life ‘ Mandated program to be used for State Licensed  DUI schools  

(  ) 12 HOUR A&D PROGRAM “Prime for Life” not just for DUI -  Research based educational program covering phases of addiction to drugs or alcohol, including marijuana.

(  ) 12 OR 24 STEP A&D PROGRAM “How to Escape Your Prison” For drug and or alcohol issues, focusing on accountability and accepting responsibility for one’s choices as well as rebuilding a healthy life. For current use or as a relapse prevention.

(  ) 12 OR 24 STEP DIAD or IOP PROGRAMS “Daily Intervention Alcohol & Drug” or “Intensive Outpatient Program” Both combine programs such as “Prime for Life”, “How to Escape Your Prison” AA, NA or Celebrate Recovery meetings, one on one counseling, daily journaling, and daily check-in. Tailored to each client's needs. The IOP is 3 hours 3 times a week.


(  ) 3 HOUR PARENTING CLASS & EVALUATION “Responsible Parenting”  One class after an intake and getting book that’s completed prior to class. After class a posttest is given and a report is generated with recommendations or referrals if needed.

(  ) 8 to 12 STEP PARENTING CLASSES  “Living in Balance”, “Partners in Parenting” or “Parenting & Family Values”. as well as individual session for specific issues. All help parents learn new skills.  


(  ) FIRST OFFENDER’S “U-Turn” A 3-hour class on honesty, acceptance, & accountability. For theft, shoplifting or bad checks

(  ) TARGETED PROGRAMS to address most topics including, but not restricted to Social Media, Respect,  Sexting, Smoking, Rebellion, Run Away, or  Communication. During required intake the client will get a book that is completed prior to class. After class a posttest may be given and a report may be generated with recommendations or referrals if needed.

(  ) 8 STEP FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY “Responsible Living” For people with bad checks or money management issues

(  ) 8 & 16 STEP CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Builds willpower & self discipline. Most intensive program for first offender

(  ) 8 STEP ANGER MANAGEMENT “Coping With Anger” for persons with obvious difficulty dealing with anger (non-domestic)

(  ) 12 step REPEAT OFFENDERS “How to Escape Your Prison” also known as the Standard MRT program For anyone with chronic misdemeanors, particularly those who have been resistant and unsuccessful in various other programs.

Most Insurance Accepted  

Workbooks:  8 Step Book = 15.00     12 & 24 Step Book = 30.00

Registration/Orientation, or Classes without insurance (out of pocket) Adult - 20.00 each  Juvenile – 25.00 each

Therapeutic Counseling Individual or Family  140.00 (1 hr) ~ 60.00 (½ hr) Communication Facilitation: 35.00 to 45.00

DUI / Prime for Life 145.00 w/book - 85.00 for 6 hr juvenile version - Personalized up to 300.00

DIAD  (Daily Intervention Alcohol & Drug) 50.00 per week  IOP  (Intensive Outpatient Program) 300.00 a week

Life Skills, Coaching or Intensive 80.00 Hr. Responsible Parenting 85.00 w/book  U-Turn program -65.00 w/book

Assessments: - Drug & Alcohol, Anger, Domestic Violence, Clinical/Mental Health Evaluation, & Parenting – 65.00 ea.

Average program cost:  8 Step programs - Adult 195.00 Juvenile 240.00  12 Step programs: Adult 290.00  Juvenile 355.00 24 Step program: $530.00    Targeted Programs - 65.00 to 85.00 each   

All classes may be paid on a class by class basis.- (Discount if paid in advance)

Prices, locations, and services are subject to change

For services in Dickson, Cheatham, Davidson & surrounding Counties, call our Dickson Office


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